About Us

The 'mi' platform connects businesses with local consumers and visitors using smartphone apps, web and social media. It provides a framework which allows businesses to be promoted at Town, Region and National level.

The website has a powerful map based search which allows users to easily find the content they are interested in. Unique dynamic branding means that can be promoted at different geographic levels.

The native smartphone apps for iPhone and Android are state of the art providing intuitive interfaces for consumers - making it easy for them to search, share and connect with businesses.

To download an app for your area simply use the map to zoom into your town and then click on the links in the header which will take you to the app store.

The platform can be used by the whole town including retailers, entertainment, leisure, services, community groups and charities. Businesses create their own profiles and can login at any time to add details of:

  • Exclusive Offers
  • Events
  • Existing Promotions
  • News and Information

If you are a business and want to get involved simply click here and set up your 'mi' profile.

If you want to add your town to the 'mi' network, please just get in touch via the contact form.